Competence Tests and Competency Profiles

We offer competence tests, which can be used in the employee development, recruitment and management processes.


We offer DEVELOPMENT CENTER - the most effective diagnostic method in terms of the potential and professional competency of employees. It is based on a multilateral assessment of skills in various tasks carried out by several assessors. Application of DC allows for the selection of individual development tools. It can support the processes of building career path, employee assessment or shaping the training strategy.


One of the most effective diagnostic methods in terms of the potential and professional competency is the ASSESSMENT CENTER. The multilateral assessment of the candidate's skills within various tasks is carried out by several assessors. Although the observation of behavior of candidates is conducted in simulated conditions, this gives an in-depth analysis of their skills and allows for drawing conclusions about their career potential.


FRIS® is a development tool which explains the differences in the ways of thinking and acting styles. It has been verified by Polish researchers with Polish respondents. It complies with the knowledge and requirements of psychometric tools, and its relevance and reliability have been confirmed by relevant statistical analyses.


FACET5 is a next generation psychometric tool. It is highly effective for the translation of the personality and suitability of individual employees onto the dynamics and the reliability of the organisation. The test of professional personality is conducted within an online tool.

If you are interested in taking the tests, please write to: and enter the following in the subject line: "I want to take a competency test".