Development Programs

The retention of talents in the organisation is extremely important in this candidate-driven job market. It is worthwhile creating dedicated development programs for employees with a high potential for development, who are or will be at the functional heart of the organization.

Implementation of development and talent management programs benefits the organisation by:

  • retention of high potential employees in the organization
  • increased employee engagement
  • individual solutions for employees with specific needs
  • increased engagement translates to higher results in many functional areas
  • more positive employer brand


We build them on the basis of the organizational structure, the job description and the development strategy of the organization. Their implementation is conducted by different types of competence development activities to assist them in reaching further company levels or guide them to the more suited path in relation to their interests and/or business needs. For more information, please visit , call the phone number +48 510 034 350 or send e-mail to:

Development of a clear career path increases both the feeling of security and employee engagement.

Soft Skills Training

Irrespective of the competence level of employees, it is the HR manager, company manager or owner who should invest in training which will inspire them to improve their proficiency. Acquiring knowledge broadens the perspective for the team members and at the same time creates the possibility of development.

When satisfied, the need for development determines the employee satisfaction. Most of us want to see certain prospects and challenges. Their absence causes us to do our jobs mechanically or neglect them, and consequently we burn out professionally.

Prospects and development are perfect motivators! They inspire employees, give them appropriate energy and make them the ambassadors of the employer brand, which is not without significance.

Competence Training

We encourage especially manufacturing companies to increase the competence of the production workers through e.g. safety courses, language training, IT and others.

We offer technical courses including Polish and international standards compliance and certifications of VCA, SCC, or paragraph 17 (46C), inventory management or supply chain management courses and more.

What is important, LSJ HR Group is characterised by high flexibility: we are not limited with our time, place, or theme of the training courses.

We offer tailor-made courses for our clients!