Employee Satisfaction Survey and Consulting

HR consulting may involve both the company organizational structure, new division of responsibilities between employees, management system as well as executive skills or communication. Each of these may become an issue if the changes in environment prevent the company from continuing with the status quo.

Thanks to our cooperation with the best advisors and consultants, we are able to effectively improve the situation, find remedy to errors and misunderstandings and improve the functioning of each department.


We help in the following fields:


  • Organizational structure
  • Management by objectives
  • Executive skills and leadership
  • Communication in teams and between teams.
  • Development strategy
  • The thinking organization

HR consulting is delivered out by persons with several- or more than 10-year experience in building organisational structures from scratch.

We also offer monitoring the organisational climate and the assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the company from the perspective of the staff, i.e. EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION AND INVOLVEMENT SURVEY

We guarantee

  • High objectivity of results
  • Verification of the activities based on the data received
  • Opportunity to develop or correct the personnel strategy based on the reasonable use of Survey Results

For more information about training and consulting, please visit szkolenia.lsj.pl, call the phone number +48 510 034 350 or send e-mail to: szkolenia@lsj.pl