HR and payroll outsourcing

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  • You don't have to keep an entire team in your structure, which entails considerable savings;
  • You don't have to worry about meeting deadlines – especially whenever HR and Payroll team members happen to be absent.
  • The hassle of storing and archiving hundreds of employee files is no longer your problem;
  • Handing over the handling of HR processes allows you to concentrate on your company's profit-making activities.
  • You have a stable partner and you can always count on our advice on HR and payroll matters; 


By handing over the entire HR and payroll management process to us, you can be sure that we will handle all the processes that affect the harmonious course of employment in your organisation.

We keep an eye on employee matters from the moment the employment contract is signed until the termination of the employment relationship. We ensure that all necessary procedures (e.g. health checks), deadlines, vacations, salaries, etc. are maintained. We also represent you before public institutions related to employment (e.g. the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)).

By optimising our internal processes, we minimise the risk of errors. You are assured that the service you have ordered will not only be provided reliably, but also on time. 

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We feel really confident in the area of HR and payroll!

As part of our agency's work, we handle hundreds of employees every day and are in constant contact with companies, simultaneously staying current with labour legislation and legislative changes to ensure there is no room for surprise with us.

We automate our work: we keep files electronically, and thanks to our own application employees have constant access to information that is important to them (e.g. pay slips or vacation days left). 


HR and payroll is just one of the areas in which we provide outsourcing services. Find out what other processes you can entrust to our specialists to deliver better quality to your customers!

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Andżelika Grzeszczyk-Gruszycka - Human Resources, Payroll and Legalisation Manager

Andżelika Grzeszczyk-Gruszycka

Human Resources, Payroll and Legalisation Manager