• When you entrust us with the process of legalising the residence and work of your employees, you can be sure that it always takes place in accordance with the law.
  • You do not need to constantly wade through the legislation – we will take care of all the necessary documents and procedures.
  • We will complete all formal procedures with the authorities – on your and your employee's behalf. This will save you valuable time.
  • You do not have to worry about the outcome of an inspection from the National Labour Inspectorate [PIP] or the Polish Border Guard [SG] – by working with us, you exclude the risk of breaching the law and incurring financial penalties.
  • You open up to wider labour markets, so poor employee availability and high turnover is no longer a big problem for you.
Pracownik magazynu stojący pomiędzy regałami.


Low demographics mean that the demand for foreign labour is increasing. The number of countries whose citizens come to Poland for work purposes is steadily increasing. The multitude and variety of procedures for each nation can prove to be quite a challenge and ultimately discourage the employment of a person from another country. And this is a missed opportunity...

By submitting the need for legalisation with us, you will receive full support in the process. We will handle both the legalisation of residence and work of the notified person or group of people.

We will check and fill in all the necessary documents – both from your side and from the side of the person whose stay is to be legalised. Once the documentation is submitted to the office, we continuously monitor the process. This, combined with innovative digital solutions, makes the legalisation process in most cases much shorter than the statutory time frame. 


In the course of our long-standing practice, we have already legalised work for more than seven thousand people. The legalisation path has no secrets for us. We know what to pay special attention to so that the legalisation process is successful and the candidate starts work in the minimum possible time.

We constantly monitor changes in legislation and always have up-to-date knowledge on the work and stay in Poland for citizens from all over the world. This means that we can offer legalisation support for almost any nationality. Our clients praise our reliability, timeliness and attention to regulations – they feel safe with us. We pass all inspections by The National Labour Inspectorate [PIP] or the Polish Border Guard [SG] in an exemplary manner!


Would you like to increase the employment of workers from other countries, but don't know how to approach it? Or are you worried that market instability will at some stage force you to downsize and all your efforts will have been in vain?

Perhaps using a temporary employment agency could be a good solution for you. Don't waste the opportunity for stable growth – contact our temporary recruitment department and see how else we can support your business!


We would be more than happy to answer them!
Andżelika Grzeszczyk-Gruszycka - Human Resources, Payroll and Legalisation Manager

Andżelika Grzeszczyk-Gruszycka

Human Resources, Payroll and Legalisation Manager