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  • The reports we provide keep you up to date with local market trends.
  • By ordering an analysis of a specific process or even an entire area of HR in your company, you are able to identify root causes and implement solutions which target the specific issue.
  • You do not waste time on misguided projects and undertakings but actually save it by planning activities based on concrete data.
  • You avoid the frustration of acting solely on intuition and assumptions.
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we gather data from local companies for our reports so that they are relevant and useful for entrepreneurs operating in the West Pomeranian region.

When providing us with data for reports, you can always be sure that it will only be used for the purposes of the report and presented in an aggregated form.

We conduct the client-tailored analyses in companies to support the optimisation of such areas as the remuneration policy, for example. We provide answers to your organisation's specific questions and, in addition, you can count on our expert advice when implementing subsequent changes.


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To date, we have already released several editions of the Blue Collar employee report. We have also researched the mood of companies after the pandemic or the training situation of the West Pomeranian companies. The demand for specific data is growing, so our involvement in this area of activity is gradually increasing.

The analyses we conduct for companies include: analyses of employment offers against the local market, analysis and design of bonus systems, employee satisfaction surveys, etc.

Our long-standing cooperation with local companies has provided us with a great deal of knowledge about their operations. Thanks to this, we quickly identify correlations between the situation in a given company and trends in the local market and are able to immediately propose appropriate corrective steps.

The local market has no secrets from us. Nevertheless, we are constantly improving and willing to face new challenges, as we want our services to support your business every step of the way.

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A sound analysis of the area presented in the context of market trends is the document from which we recommend starting any changes in the company. It will save time, money and a lot of the emotions associated with change.

Perhaps you do not need such a tool at the moment or you already have the necessary data. If, on the other hand, you need support in implementing changes, do not hesitate to contact our training and consulting department. We would be happy to discuss the next steps for you and your organisation!

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Maria Skowrońska - Operations Manager

Maria Skowrońska

Operations Manager