Process outsourcing

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  • By handing over a specific process or task to a specialised team, you gain valuable time to deal with what brings real value to your customers.
  • You have our assurance that we are watching over the correct course of the process, taking responsibility for its timeliness and correctness.
  • You save time and money: we handle all the logistics of the process comprehensively, and you don't have to worry about resources.
  • You minimise the risks involved in handling the process, the concern for the outcome lies with us. You manage your resources (e.g. budget or staff) more efficiently by eliminating waste. 
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How we do it in LSJ?

After discussing the scope and terms and conditions – we take over the selected process in its entirety to handle it.

A logistics centre, shop floor operation or human resources and payroll – these are just examples of areas in which we can offer outsourcing.

We work in close cooperation with you: we report on progress and emerging challenges on an ongoing basis and we respond immediately, as we know how important time is. Thanks to our broad base of specialists and our well-developed permanent and temporary recruitment departments we quickly provide you with the competent personnel required to handle the process correctly and on time.

The care for quality and speed of processes is on our side – we care as much as you do! 



Our extensive activities allow us to continuously improve our know-how. Every day we learn and improve our processes in order to meet the needs of our partners even more efficiently.

We are constantly expanding our pool of experts – extensive experience and practice in a specific industry is a prerequisite for working with us. This ensures that we always deliver the standard we promise.

You can be sure that when you work with us, you will receive both sound advice and the optimal solution! 


It's okay, we can support you in other ways too! Need to recruit employees, legalise their stay and work or train your staff? Take a look at our full range of services for businesses.

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Maria Skowrońska - Operations Manager

Maria Skowrońska

Operations Manager

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