Recruitment services


Our recruitment processes involve practically all the most commonly needed professions: engineers, accountants, production, logistics or HR staff. In terms of executive search service, we will recruit people for the key roles, regardless of location. 

Temporary employment

You contact us with the need for a seasonal increase in the number of employees and within a few days your company has people ready to start working. You don't have to worry about formalities – the contract, health check, health and safety training – it's our job. 

Recruitment of foreigners

If you are experiencing a shortage of staff and would like to employ foreign workers, we know how to help you. We have experience in recruiting and enabling legal arrival for people from Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia, among others. In addition, we are currently in the process of bringing in workers from Asia.

Foreign recruitment

Your company has a branch abroad and would like to recruit people from Poland? You are in the right place! Assignments like those did launch our recruitment adventure twenty years ago. We have an excellent understanding of foreign markets and their specifics, and we constantly update our candidate database.