What to wear for a job interview

First impression is extremely important. Often it impacts the character of further relationship. The first thing the employer will notice is your overall look. It is worth remembering that when preparing for an interview. We recommend selecting a n outfit suitable for the post the candidate applies for.


  • Suit in classic colors
    - black, dark blue or gray
  • Skirts should not be too short, miniskirts are a no-go:
    preferable length - knee or slightly
  • Blouse or shirt - in neutral tone
  • Low-heeled shoes which cover the heel and toes
  • Make-up in neutral colors
  • Discreet jewelry of moderate quantity


  • Classic suit in dark blue or gray
  • Shirt with long sleeves, preferably solid color - white, blue or dark blue
  • Ties to match the whole outfit
  • Clean and polished shoes

Important! based on the candidate?s appearance, the recruiter will try to form an opinion about them, as they try to deduct the character traits and how they respond to different situations. Proper outfit does not guarantee the success of recruitment but certainly increases your chances!