- Kate Zabriskie

We believe that the words of those who work with us best reflect the quality of our services. To honour this thought, we regularly collect valuable testimonials from clients, which we make available on our website.

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Outpro S.C.

LSJ HR Group showed great professionalism and commitment at the very beginning of our cooperation. After a detailed interview, the problems of our organisation were diagnosed very well, based on which our development goals were identified. The training programme was designed in such a way that it met our needs and expectations and made real improvements in the work of our consultants.

In our opinion, LSJ HR Group deserves to be recommended, both because of the level of content and the excellent organisation of the whole process. We therefore recommend their services and intend to continue this cooperation ourselves in the years to come.

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The training met our expectations, both in terms of content, organisation and the way the trainer conducted the workshop (...). We also appreciate the involvement of LSJ staff in the whole process and the way the training was organised. The company was very diligent in organising the training. All activities took place efficiently and the contact with the organisers was also - efficient and systematic. They made every effort to ensure that the training took place competently and effectively. As a result of the training, participants clearly improved their leadership skills and competencies, which can be seen in practice. Considering the above, we recommend LSJ Group as a professional partner in organisational development and training organisation. We will certainly continue to use the company's training offer.

Tomasz Kraśniewski, President of the Management Board

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Dancrimp sp. z o.o.

The choice of LSJ HR Group was not accidental, in previous years we have used the company not only for development and training services but also for recruitment. LSJ showed great flexibility this time as well and the programme was prepared to meet our needs, was strong in content and developed the practical skills of the participants. The company was responsive and we could count on support throughout the training process. We would highly recommend working with LSJ HR Group!

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Winiarnia Baniewice

The consultants demonstrated a great deal of practical knowledge, professionalism and flexibility in adapting the programme to the information gained during the consultation. Thanks to their openness to the questions we asked, we feel that we not only received knowledge but also the ability to apply it in practice, which is already evident in our daily work.

On the organisational side, too, everything was carried out flawlessly. The person coordinating the project was available to us at all times, responded efficiently to our requests and gave us all the support we needed, also with regard to EU funding.

We warmly recommend LSJ HR Group as a reliable partner in the development of organisations and personnel.

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TPV Displays Polska

The training was preceded by interviews to diagnose needs so that the programme was tailored to the company's realities. The service was conducted in a way that activated employees, with the use of discussions, individual and group exercises, and analysis of examples from practice.

LSJ professionally approached the organisation of training, with great commitment, focusing on our needs.

We recommend cooperation with LSJ with full conviction!

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Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych Sp. z o.o.

Thank you very much for the professional organisation of the training. We are inspired and full of positive energy after yesterday's training with Sylwia Królikowska. It was extremely energetic, with a lot of humour and at the same time substantive. All participants were satisfied.

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System Teknik Poland Sp z o.o.

The training service was delivered professionally, on time and reliably to a very high standard. The reports prepared included a summary of the results with thematic grouping, which made them very clear and transparent.

The whole process met our expectations. We look forward to continuing our cooperation in the future.

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Centrum Rehabilitacji FinMed

We rate the entire training process, from the needs survey to the preparation and delivery of the workshop as excellent.

We strongly recommend training with LSJ HR Group.

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LSJ HR Group approached the training professionally with a strong commitment to focusing on the client's needs. The conducted classes were assessed as very effective.

At the end of the training, we received a detailed report describing the participants' work along with an indication of additional training areas to consolidate the skills acquired.

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Abena Polska

The training was conducted in a professional, open and, most importantly, giving participants real knowledge and skills that can be successfully used to improve their daily professional work.

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Hurtostal 2

We confidently recommend the services of LSJ HR Group and look forward to an equally fruitful collaboration on future training projects.

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AUTODOC Logistics Sp z o.o.

AUTODOC Logisitcs Sp. z o.o. has been working with LSJ HR Group since 2019 to support us in developing the competencies of our employees. LSJ consultants work with our team both in the form of group workshops and individual development sessions in areas such as leadership skills development, change management or time management, among others.

On the part of the LSJ team, we can always count on full professionalism and a strong commitment to the process, as well as a flexible approach to our needs, which translates not only into the satisfaction of employees participating in training but also into the quality of work in our company.

We warmly recommend LSJ HR Group to all companies that value effective employee competence development and professional support.



In 2022/2023, LSJ HR Group conducted an employee satisfaction survey in our organisation.

The service was conducted thoroughly and professionally and met our expectations both in terms of organisation and content.

After the survey was completed, we received a comprehensive report, which was discussed in detail. We also received a range of recommendations for implementing the conclusions of the survey, as well as substantive and organisational support in this regard.

The survey has helped us plan many measures to improve the quality of work at Ensinger Composites Machining, and working with LSJ helps us ensure the consistency and execution of these measures.

Thus, we recommend LSJ as a reliable partner in building a healthy, trend-following and growth-oriented organisation.

SC Johnson

S.C. Johnson

On 28.09.2022, employees of S.C. Johnson's international quality team took part in a workshop entitled 'Assertive Communication' conducted by LSJ HR Group. The training took place at S.C. Johnson's headquarters in Gorzow Wielkopolski as part of SCJ's Quality Week EMEA and was attended by 20 employees from the EMEA area.

The training was conducted in English and took the form of a workshop - an interactive discussion of the challenges faced by quality departments in the context of communication with other parts of the organisation. Using practical examples, the assertiveness issues of the principle of effective communication were discussed, and useful tools were presented that employees will be able to use in their corporate daily life and beyond.

The LSJ trainer was well prepared, very open and effectively engaged the participants during the training. He communicated knowledge in a very clear and concrete way and, above all, shared his experiences, which he also encouraged the group to do. We very much appreciated the fact that the material prepared was based on our realities, with which the trainer had become familiar even before the workshop.

LSJ HR Group, as the provider, showed itself to be very good. It showed great flexibility, commitment and professionalism. We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with LSJ and hope to continue it with equal success in the future.