Foreign Recruitment

We recruit candidates interested in work in Germany, UK and Scandinavian countries. Each year we recruit almost 1000 staff to work in the HORECA, automotive and meat industry.

  • For our foreign clients we offer a range of recruitment services in order to provide them with the perfect fit for the competences of candidates.
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of our activities is proven by the fact that our Clients have stayed with us for many years
    and at every possible opportunity outsource further processes to us.
  • We seek candidates to work abroad not only in Western Pomerania, but the entire Poland.
    In case of specialised processes, we go beyond the borders of the country.
    We search and recommend candidates who are best matched to the offered positions, competence sought
    and other requirements of the clients.

Benefits & More


High efficiency Competitive timeframe Relatively lower costs Saving time and resources