Temporary Employment

Temporary employment is an ideal tool for companies which have large employment needs and for which the continuity of work is a prerequisite for proper operation.

In terms of the temporary work solutions our clients are guaranteed:

  • The option of issuing multiple short-term contracts - even from 1 to 18 months to reduce overtime costs - temporary staff can perform the same tasks in the framework of their position
  • Flexibility and speed in meeting the needs for the human resources - quick access to candidates with our broad database and work of multiple consultants (no need for employment of a recruiter in an organization)
  • Payments on the basis of an invoice and simple settlement terms, the payment period adapted to client's needs
  • No need for personal files, no HR personnel cost
  • Security of cooperation - we share responsibility for any damage caused by temporary staff
  • Payment only by the hours actually worked and reduction in the cost of recruitment
  • High employment flexibility - using only the number of workers required at that time
  • Moving the fixed costs of employment-related to the variable costs of services - accounting temporary work on the basis of the VAT invoice
  • Payment postponed with regards to the terms of employee compensation, social contributions, etc.

If you are interested in using the temporary work solutions, please contact Marcin Borowski,
Operations Manager in LSJ HR Group Sp z o.o. Sp.k.,: +48 503 832 253, mborowski@lsj.pl